Carden Kennels is the perfect, worry-free alternative to leaving your canine pal at home.

Catching snow ball

Group Play: Supervised by our attentive, trained staff, our group play is organized on the basis of size and temperament as we have areas for all sized dogs. We do limit the size of our groups. Weather permitting, your pet can be outside most of their day. For puppies, we offer a lunch break and extra naps. Everybody works on basic manners such as waiting by the door and walking politely. We have large, safe enclosures to run and play as well as 8,600 square feet of indoor space. Daycare hours 7:15am to 5:30pm on weekdays.

Daycare Pricing:

One Dog Per Visit Weekly (5 days)
Full Day (7:15 - 5:30 5 hours or more) $20 $85 ($17 per day)
Half Day 1hr up to 5 hours $10  
Two Dogs Per Visit Weekly (5 days)
Full Day (7:15 - 5:30) 5 hours or more $30 $130 ($26 per day)
Half Day 1hr up to 5 hours $18  
Three Dogs Per Visit  
Full Day (7:15 - 5:30) 5 hours or more $42  
Half Day 1hr up to 5 hours $21  




Daycare FAQs

When can I drop-off or pick-up?

There are no limitations on drop-off or pick-up within the business hours. When you drop off, we’ll ask a few questions about what you’d like your dog to do that day. You may want to add on a bath, nails, or a lunch break.

What is the group play like?

We maintain a low dog-to-staff ratio and separate into groups by size and temperament. At Carden Kennels, we use expert judgment and an abundance of caution when placing dogs into play groups.

What if my dog isn’t good with other dogs?

Dogs that are not social with other dogs do not enjoy the daycare experience. We can offer day boarding for your pet in that situation. One of the things that makes us unique is individual play yards at our facility. So your pup can have time on his own to explore and get some fresh air! Whether your dog likes playing fetch or cuddling up for belly rubs, your dog can have a fun day spending time with our staff and getting exposure to new people and environments.

My dog is shy. Should I bring him/her for day care?

Whether your pet is shy, active or outgoing, all pets have a place. Some dogs may prefer to get attention from the day care attendant, while more active dogs usually gravitate toward each other. They will all find it to be an engaging environment!

A great way to start the socialization process is day care. We introduce slowly with one playmate at a time. We don’t rush or force your pet into a play group. We will keep you informed of how your pet is doing with special day 1, 2 and 3 reports and follow those up with intermittent progress reports. Don't hesitate to ask us how your pet is doing though, we love talking about the dogs in our care. 

What is the play yard like?

We have pea stone, with a secure buried fence. We provide shade and wading pools for those who like to cool off with a dip. The play yard is sanitized on a regular schedule. All pets have constant access to clean water. Toys are provided under supervision.

Can my dog be fed or administered medication during the day?

We do not charge to administer medicine to your pet. We’re happy to care for your pet. If your pet eats a lunch, we will serve lunch and treats at an appropriate time to allow for digestion before going out for more fun!  

Oral medications will be administered on the schedule you provide. Please bring medications in their original containers and allow time at drop off to give us complete directions. 

Please let us know about any allergies, sensitivities, or if your pet is on a weight management plan, so we are feeding and treating accordingly.

What about extreme weather conditions?

We have 4 covered areas so the dogs can still play the day away rain or shine. Our knowledgable staff take the pups in for warmup breaks when the snow falls. The dogs will let us know what they like, we have snow lovers and we have pets who think a snow day is an excellent time to catch a little extra beauty sleep. 

We also offer indoor activity times. For an extra fee you can sign your pet up for a walk on our treadmill or a playtime with one of our staff for some indoor fetch, tug, frisbee or play on our agility equipment. 

How do I know how my dog’s day was?

We like to tell you about your pup’s day with intermittent report cards at pick-up. We can be found on facebook too. Click “like” or become our “friend” and you might see your favorite furry friend in our photo of the day. Don't hesitate to ask questions, we love to talk about our dogs.