How can massage benefit my dog?

  • Reduces pain and/or discomfort from stiffness, inflammation & muscle spasm

  • Improves muscle tone, spinal/body alignment, flexibility & range of motion

  • Increases energy, concentration and alertness

  • Reduces anxiety and stress; eases emotional trauma

  • Promotes blood and lymph circulation

  • Heightens immune system function

  • Aids in healing from surgery or injury

  • Builds trust, self-confidence and sociability

  • Promotes longevity and slows degenerative processes

  • Massage provides overall wellbeing for your pet.

Your dog's health is no joking matter. As humans, we know the benefits of massage. Pet massage as practiced by a qualified professional is grounded in real science - anatomy, kinesiology and psychology - and has practical applications for a dog's physical and mental health.

Since massage looks and feels like pampering, many people automatically discount its value as a serious form of healthcare. Pet owners often fail to realize massage therapy is not merely glorified petting. The skilled manipulation of the soft tissues of the body can have a significant positive impact on virtually all of an animal's biological systems.

Massage affects all systems of the body. Beyond the obvious benefits of relieving muscle tension, massage aids in the circulation of fluids throughout the body. That assists the joints and can flush toxins from the tissues. The results include reduced pain and stiffness, more flexibility and greater range of motion. Massage can also increase blood flow and improves cardiovascular health. All of the benefits are simply too numerous to list, but the end result is positive to every system of your pet's body. The recuperative and rehabilitative effects of massage therapy make it ideal for geriatric pets or those recovering from injury or surgery.

Of course if you just want to pamper your dog because he deserves it, that’s ok too! Reserve your spot with our front desk staff. $15/15 minutes. Gift Certificates are available.