Boarding Services

Shelf puppyAt Carden Kennels we do things a bit differently. It is our mission to make sure that your pet does not merely wait for you to come home from your vacation but has a vacation of their own.

  Some “extras” that are included in your pets' stay:

  • Blankets and bedding are changed daily for every pet in every space.
  • Everyone gets a bedtime treat.
  • Music plays softly in all boarding areas.
  • Our facility is secure and each outside yard is additionally locked to prevent theft or escape.
  • Each wing of accommodations has its own kitchen. We provide meals or you can bring your pets regular food. We do not charge extra to prepare your pet's meals the same way they would be served at home.
  • Our indoor rooms have radiant floor heating so there is never a cold floor for your dog to sleep on.
  • We provide a comfy blanket and various toys to entertain your special friend.
  • There is always a staff person on the premises.

    We feed a Lamb/Rice Adult formula dog food that does not contain soy, corn, or wheat.  If you prefer to bring your own food please be sure to bring enough for your dogs' entire stay.  You can either bring a bag (we will ask for the amount you feed in standard 8oz cups), or if you prepackage it, please package it by the single meal.  We do not need measuring cups, spoons, or can covers.  We have plenty.  

If weather permits, your pet will have all day access to their outdoor play spaces. Your dog is taken out 4-5 times daily, by a person not a guillotine door, and offered exercise in one of our secure fenced outdoor play areas. Dogs that are neutered and have a signed community play contract on file may join our daycare dogs for even more fun. We never charge extra for playtime, cookies or special time spent rubbing ears and bellies!

We have 5 large suites we call the Bed & Breakfasts for families of 2 or more dogs that want to stay together. SuiteEach 10x12 suite features a private 10x12 outside run. During nice weather the door is wide open so your pet has full access to both spacious sections of their suite.

Our Cuddle Care Loft has 10 rooms of specialty care for small dogs. We offer a quiet climate controlled environment featuring real beds with pillows, rugs and toys. The puppy patio offers an all season, covered outdoor play space exclusively for our cuddle care guests. 

For the more mature dog in your life we recommend our Senior Care Center. This large airy wing is extra warm and much quieter with over size rooms for your special guy/gal to stretch out.  Away from the hustle and bustle of our main facility your senior citizen can enjoy his vacation with those of his/her own age. This is also a good choice for shy dogs.

Classic Canine Guest Rooms boast privacy and security. We have radiant-heat floors, no lying about on cold concrete at Carden. The runs feature 4 foot high block walls to eliminate “fence fighting” and provide the security and comfort your pet will love. 

We welcome the feline king or queen of your life to our dog free Cattery for their vacation.  We have 8 play suites that can be converted into double suites, perfect for multiple cat families. All surfaces are bright and easy to clean with maximum visibility, so your cat doesn’t feel “shut in” yet still providing fantastic nooks and cubbies for ‘hiding & peeking”. Our staff offers each client an opportunity to have separate time out of their rooms to walk around in the playroom with it's climbing tree, or sit on the window seat to watch the birds. An outdoor fully enclosed cattery is available seasonally. We will also play with cat toys if the cat would like or just spend a few moments rubbing ears and chins.  At Carden we never charge extra for special time spent with your cat, it is our pleasure!  

**All prescription/controlled medications are administered by management or a management designated team member.  Please bring these drugs in their original container with clear administrating directions on the bottle.  There is a additional $3 per day charge for all prescription medicatons regardless of quantity or frequency.**

At Carden your pet is our best guest! Take a look at some photos of our happy, furry guests!