Our Mission Statement:

To provide quality pet care in a secure and loving environment. To maintain a clean and safe facility to ensure a healthy environment. To train and educate people in safe and caring animal handling.

Our History:

Our property at 880 Ohio Street is unique in that there has been a dog kennel on the property since the early 1900's. The house and business have had five owners since it was built in 1902. The Bean family owned the property first for approximately 25 years and used it for both farming as well as a pheasant farm with hunting dogs.

The Sloats then bought it, running a boarding kennel for another 25 years. The Dragons bought it from the Sloats and eventually tore down the old kennel and built a new 32 room indoor/outdoor facility in the late 60s and early 70s. The Millars bought the property in 1973.

In 2010 after providing 37 years of quality pet care and jobs for the residents of the greater Bangor area, the Millars sold the business to Janet MacDonald.

The business has continued to grow in her hands. Many updates, some cosmetic, some functional and a deep commitment to having well trained staff. Please see our staff biographies to learn more about the devoted people caring for your pet.