What should I bring when my pet stays at Carden Kennels?

At Carden Kennels Country Club for Pets, we will provide your pet with everything they need. However, if you feel your pet would be most comfortable with a few of their favorite things you are welcome to bring:

  • Own treats
  • Safe toys (please limit to 1 or 2)*
  • Coat - for colder weather

Please keep in mind everything you bring with your pet has to be logged and kept track of.  Your pet will be busy either playing or relaxing.  Most of the time they ignore their toys and want to go back out to play.  Please only bring the necessities. 

We prefer to use our beds and blankets, please do not bring beds/blankets from home.

Unless your pet has a special need such as a slow feeder bowl, we will use our dishes as these are pulled and washed multiple times a day, it is not necessary to bring bowls from home.

We provide lamb and rice dry food for your pet, it is not considered "grain free" but it is free of corn, wheat and soy.  If you prefer you may bring your own food from home and we will feed your pet exactly the way you do at home.  We have plenty of measuring cups to measure out your dogs food.  

* Please Note: We will make every effort to return these items, however they may not be returned or they may be returned in poor condition. Please be aware that you are assuming this risk when you leave belongings with your pet. We do not recommend bringing your pets 'favorite' toy.  They will look forward to playing with it when they return home.

What not to bring?

  • Rawhides & pigs’ ears
  • Toys that may become a choking hazard
  • Own dishes (With the exception of slow feeders or other special needs for meals)
  • Any toys or treats that contain peanuts or peanut butter

Which vaccinations are required?

Dogs: We require proof of current rabies and distemper.

Bordatella is recommended for your pet's health but not required. We ask that you follow your veterinarians' advice on whether to give this vaccine.

Cats: Distemper and Rabies.

We also recommend that your pet be on some type of flea and tick preventative. We will do a “flea check” upon arrival, if needed your pet will be given a flea bath starting at a charge of $35.00.

Often your vet will email or fax a copy of your pet's vaccination records to us at 207-942-5982 or ccc4pets@gmail.com.

Check-in/Check-out hours?

The office is closed for drop off and pick up on New Year's Day, the Sunday before Memorial Day, July 4, the Sunday before Labor Day, the Sunday before Columbus day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

You can bring your pet any time during our office hours which are Monday - Friday 7:15-5:30, Saturday 7:30-12. 

Note: Sunday hours for departures only (no drop off) 4pm - 6pm.

Boarding is charged by calendar day not nightly, we do not enforce a check out time as long as it is within business hours.

With a stay of 4 or more days your pet can receive a complimentary bath. Also you may request grooming services for your pet during their stay (subject to availability). Please let us know if you plan to pick up your pet early in the morning so we can have their services completed for you.

If you would like a friend or family member to pick your pet up in the event you can not make it by closing, please let us know you authorize that person to do so by calling our office during business times at 207-942-2161.

How do I make a reservation?

Please call us. This is the best way for us to learn about your pet and to be sure they are in the best accommodations for then to have an enjoyable stay. We will request the following information:

Your contact information, the name and number of someone you would like to list as an emergency contact, and who you use for a vet. 

Your pet's name, breed, gender, age and if they are spayed or neutered, color, up-to-date vaccination records on file (may be faxed to 207-942-5982).

What type of accommodations you would like for your pet.

Dates of arrival and departure. 

Upon arrival we will verify your contact information. Every time, every stay, even for frequent guests. While we hope we never need to reach you during your pets stay we appreciate your patience while we make sure we have everything we may need.

What is the cancellation policy?

24 hours notice is appreciated so we can offer the space to another guest. You will not be charged.

Can my pet be groomed during their stay?

We highly recommend a grooming. Your reunion will be that much more pleasant when your furry friend is looking and smelling his/her best!

Our talented groomer is in Monday-Friday, and we can do baths, brush outs and nail trims any day.